4 Actions that Drastically changed my life

My life looks drastically different than it did a year ago. I am evolving and really living on purpose. I thought I would share with you a few of the little things I started doing on a regular basis that really caused huge shifts in the direction of my life.

1. I started making decisions.

This sounds simple but you'd be surprised how many people wander through life constantly delaying decisions. How many emails are in you inbox right now? I'm willing to be most if not virtually all of the messages just sitting there, filling it up, are delayed decisions. Respond to it, delete it,forward it, or save it in a folder. This one is really a work in progress for me but I find cleaning out my mailbox to be a very empowering practice to use to get into the habit of actually making decisions.

The decision not to pursue something is also very powerful. Many of my coaching clients are exploring and looking for their next path, vocation or purpose. Every time a decision not to do something is made, space is opened and cleared for a new experience or idea. Sometimes getting what you want is all about deciding what you don't want!

2. I started delegating.

I hired a virtual assistant to help me draft documents and I hired a cleaning service for my house. I often work part time doing things I enjoy in order to pay for things I don't enjoy. The people cleaning my house and drafting my documents love that they get paid to work on their own schedules and be their own boss. Yard service, maid service, meal planning...do all of these things sound like things only rich people or spoiled people actually utilize? Think again! Have you actually priced it out? Do you love to clean but hate to mow lawns? Barter and get creative. Ask around, see if you can pick up one cleaning job. Use that money to pay someone to take care of your yard. Can you work one day of overtime in exchange for a maid service every two weeks? Imagine eliminating the things you dread! Start doing more of the things you love and delegating the things you don't. By doing so, you are passing on your dollars and time to someone else that is, hopefully, doing what they love and on goes the cycle.

3. I turned my car into a rolling university and I started reading books based on growth and skills training.

My phone is filled with podcasts I listen to on my train commutes and my car is filled with CDs and a blue tooth connection to my phone to listen when I'm driving.

Good in, Good out! Choose what you are spending your time on and filling your mind with very carefully. Are you starting your day by watching the news, then reading the paper, then listening to gossip or trash talk on the radio? What would happen if you listened it an educational or inspiration podcast or CD in the morning? What are you reading or watching at night? Books that help you grow? Stories that make you feel good? If not, why not? Try it for one week - just surround yourself with good information. Information that makes you a better you. The transformation in life experience with these little tweaks is astounding.

4. I asked for help and found mentors.

I called and sent messages to friends I hadn't talked with in years (thank you to everyone for being so open and sharing your tips and tricks!) I hired coaches, big change is not something you have to go through alone. I surrounded myself with friends and acquaintences that expected me to strive to be my best and go for my goals.

My motto is: You don't have to recreate the wheel, you just have to make it turn.

Got a question? Someone else has asked it.

Want to do something new? Someone else has done it.

What to learn something new? Some else is already an expert.

Does that mean you shouldn't ask it, do it, be it? NO - it means you should interview people, research, learn from others, and use the work others have done. People LOVE to help. Send emails, call around. You will find people love to be asked about what they know and a side benefit is that it is so fun to validate them and their knowledge! This is the information age, you can learn pretty much about anything with the click of a button. When you find the information you are looking for, don't feel that you can't also become another expert on the topic or activity. Find your frame of reference and your expertise and share your greatness with the world. Someone will resonate with you and you can pay it forward. Just make the wheel turn!

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