You are really good at what you do. You have talents. You know what you need to do but it just isn’t happening. That is exactly what a catalyst session is for, to launch you through your limitations and into a place of action steps and results. You will not have a dependency on me…you are going to outgrow me quickly – that’s the goal. If further coaching is needed, I’ll refer you on to specialized resources that serve you!



I went from feeling stuck to feeling free. Every step doesn’t feel like such a challenge. One thing you said to me that really made something click; “Yes, finally a decision. Now you can cross that off the list.” It made me realize that every inquiry I investigate doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going in that direction. It just means I can cross it off the list in order to move on to the next. Making decisions is becoming easier. Sara K

The most important thing a coach can do is listen. Tanya really listened to me and provided a safe space for me to work through my thoughts and envision my new reality. She is clearly dedicated to helping people & it shows in her work. Ekene