Who am I??

This week I am working through a number of emotions. Now in my third week since leaving my full-time position, I'm incredibly grateful for all of the great people and great conversations I am having. It is a blast. Kind of like your perfect vacation mixed with the job all at the same time.

This week though, it's starting to settle in that this is real life, not a vacation. End result = a bit of an identity crisis!

I'm realizing how much I identified and connected my self-worth to my job as a public health program manager. I was accustomed to constant validation. I was used to never-ending lists of deliverables and expectations.

Now, I create my to-do lists and no one will be looking for those tasks if they aren't completed. I could sit on the couch all day and not talk to anyone. Neil and the pups would think I'd lost my mind, but other than that, the world would keep spinning.

When someone asks you what you do? Do you only answer with your job title? I did. Why do we box ourselves in?

We are so much more! I think this is part of the reason transitions and life changes can be so hard. We forget to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves and all the various parts of our greatness. We attribute our identity and self worth to one tiny title or label...and then feel like we lose our foundation when that piece of us changes or is no longer a part of our life.

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Job Title, Athlete, Manager, Director, Etc. All great titles...but each just a part of who we are.  I'm taking the time to build my list and remind myself of all the different things I do, I am, and I can become! How about you? What do you do...how many titles can you come up with - I promise you are even more!

photo credit: Russ Allison Loar


  1. “Who Am I?” really resonated with me. In leaving the classroom after 20 years of teaching, I truly miss the school bell. That bell kept me on track. It was a motivator to finish the lesson on time. There is no bell in my home office – unless I set a kitchen timer. And yes, I do set the timer! Even so, my timer isn’t automatic. I have to set it myself. Of course, when a client’s deadline is looming, it’s easy to stay on track; however, when it’s time to work on my business, to develop new ideas, I often struggle. It’s easier to put off a strategy session and peek at Facebook instead. Redefining myself and defining my business is a challenge. But I’m working on it. One of the best things I’ve done recently? I bought a separate computer for my home-based business instead of using the family’s home computer to do my work. Now that my office is set up–and separated from our living space–I finally feel as if I’m “going to work” when I step inside that room. It’s helping.

  2. I love the timer tip! Isn’t it just crazy how much tweaking your work environment can alter productivity and mental state? Congrats on your business and thank you for sharing!

    • You’re so right about altering the work space. I’m very visual, and I struggle with concentrating when my work space is cluttered, but the creative work I do tends to create messes. It really helps me to literally turn my back to the mess and work at my fairly neat desk.

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